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Everybody Loves Data

Product content is the cost of a great customer / shopping experience. If online retailers don’t show their interest in cleansing and organizing the basic product data, they will continue to be limited by poor quality data and in turn, a poor customer experience. When product data is unstructured, it doesn’t bring greater experience.

Standard product attributes like size, color, and price are important, but online shoppers have a vast vocabulary and expect that retailers are able to keep up when it comes to product descriptions and exhaustive product information.

We believe that we have deep expertise in delivering complete, high-quality product data. We visualize that when retailers inject their online ecommerce platform with properly enriched data, they accomplish increases in engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Item Set Up

Upload product with basic and mandatory information in a consistent form with all digital media assets.

Catalog Management

Enrich the product pages and rich consistent information with digital assets.

Product Copy

Edit Manufacturer’s product description / create the unique product copy with product features/benefits, which will boost the sales through the online shopping engines.

Attribute set

Define the data set for each and every category with refine search attributes, which will improve the organized catalog.

Technical Specifications

Gather the technical data as per the data set, cleanse and normalize them as per the standards

Imaging solutions under one Umbrella:

We understand the challenges you face to optimize images. At Blace Technology, we have skillful creative experts to customize images, enriching your product pages with multi-angled images and videos based on the criteria. We deliver your images to any platform, on any device..

Better & more images & video ensure converting more online shoppers into buyers.

Get your product data feeds in structure

We are expertise in creating and managing data feeds across multiple distribution channels such as comparison shopping engines, marketplaces, affiliates, custom feeds etc., is a tedious task, as each channel/engine follows their own style of feed specifications with different data requirements.


Personalization is key. Listen, measure and improve – is one of the strategies to bring the greater user experience.

Onsite search, filtered navigation, product recommendation, personalization, user-generated content (UGC) continues to be evaluated to bring the better navigation experience.